How Hipster Are You?

As you wandered the corridors of the internet, I see you stumbled upon our blog. Here you will find out  hipster and no so hipster information and how to be the really person you are (hipster vs mainstream). Though I am not a hipster, I know many of them and I just so happen to be an expert in that territory. Before you wander around our blog, you need to know what crowd you fit into!
Here is a test to determine how hipster you are. Remember to comment your score at the bottom!

1) Did it take you longer than 10 days to memorize your coffee order? YES/NO.

2) Have you ever shopped at Abercrombie and Fitch? YES/NO

3) Have you said, 'pedestrian' in the last one or 2 days? YES/NO

4) Do you enjoy pop culture? (popular culture) YES/NO

5) Do you believe 'you are who you are'? YES/NO

6) Have you ever changed because something went into style and you liked it? YES/NO

7) Do you hate trends/having to be a certain way? YES/NO

9) Have you eaten McDonalds in the last month? YES/NO

8) Do you spend more than 2 hours at small unknown cafes? YES/NO

10) Do you think you are a hipster? YES/NO


For every Purple Question, every yes=1 point and every no=5 points.

For every Yellow Question, every yes=5 points and every no=1 point

If you score...

30+ You have full hipster-itis

20-29 You are a wanna be OR neutral

20-0 You are mainstream

Remember, if you got a score you don't like, check out the articles on how to become what you want to be and  study up!


  1. I got a score of 18! I think I did because I am kind of geeky not totally mainstream but def. not a hipster!

  2. I got hipster. 38. I. Am. Not. A. Hipster.