How To Not Be A Hipster: In Style=COOL

      Be who you were meant to be, not always who you think you are!

      Okay lets face it, if everyone was different and anti-mainstream the world would b a pretty boring place. There would be no successful businesses AND you would not have anything in common with anyone.

      If something is in style, it's in style for a reason. What would happen if a really good movie came out but because it was 'in style' Ms. Hipster did not watch it. Well, she would be deprived of a magical, wonderful 1.5-3 hours of her life and memories that go along with it.
     'In style' or 'currently popular' is not a bad thing nut hipsters think it is. Try to look into popular things. You may like them, and don't avoid because it's cool. That's lame.

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  1. So, as previously mentioned we've been hard at work making the basement sorta fancy. swag style