How To Be Hipster

I assume that because you visited this page you want to be hipster! Well, our blog specializes in two things: Explaining how to be hipster, and second, how not to be hipster.

Before we can trust that you are not a hipster you must do the how hipster are you test:

How hipster are you?(it's a link)

Remember to comment your score!

We post blog posts about these things and below we will link all of them, as well as writing paragraphs below on common hipster topic, that you can request info on in the comments.

Here are so blog entries that could help you on your hipster journey(they are all links):

-Common Personalities

-Summer Outfits

-The Look

-Fun With Beverages

-The First Signs

-The Mind Set

-Comic: Daily Blog

- What To Wear: Funky Summer

- Trend

-Computer Background :)

-Official Debate!

- iPhone Background: Men #1

-iPhone Background: Women #1

-Summer Coffee


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