Hipster or Not

Okay, lets cut to the chase, I know your secret. You want to be a hipster, oh and you over their, in the flannel shirt to the left, you don't.

Calm it, it's okay.

Here's some reassurance,

for all you who really don't want to be hipster, that means your not "being your inner self" which is what hipster is all about so your not hipster! Calm.

For all you hipsters in hiding. Yes, your a hipster, yes you want to be a hipster but you don't know if it's the true you. Don't worry, you ARE hipsters. Hipsters just want to be themselves, and that's your goal.

For all you "hipsterz" (yes, "hipsterz", a wannabe hipster.), you're not hipster. If you are trying to be something your not, that not in the hipster spirit. Come on. Wannabe hipsters are annoying! Figure this, their ain't no hipster like a non hipster.




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