Okay, lets cut to the chase, I know your secret. You want to be a hipster, oh and you over their, in the flannel shirt to the left, you don't.

Calm it, it's okay.

Here's some reassurance,

for all you who really don't want to be hipster, that means your not "being your inner self" which is what hipster is all about so your not hipster! Calm.

For all you hipsters in hiding. Yes, your a hipster, yes you want to be a hipster but you don't know if it's the true you. Don't worry, you ARE hipsters. Hipsters just want to be themselves, and that's your goal.

For all you "hipsterz" (yes, "hipsterz", a wannabe hipster.), you're not hipster. If you are trying to be something your not, that not in the hipster spirit. Come on. Wannabe hipsters are annoying! Figure this, their ain't no hipster like a non hipster.


Fall into Fall

Quiz midi skirt
$20 - debenhams.com

$13 - thehut.com

Slip on shoes

Drawstring bag

Lucifer Vir Honestus diamond jewelry

C Wonder bracelet

Sun hat

AERIN palette eyeshadow

Yves Saint Laurent mascara

Lips makeup

Nars cosmetic

Autumn home decor

Hello Miss Lady/Mr. Man.
I have taken the liberty of starting a new comic which shall be posted every fortnight.
It is documenting the starnge ways hipsters have been seen disguising themselves.
and be aware that I indeed realize how arrogant that last sentence sounded.
and stay out of gangs.

Oh didn't see you there... Sorry that we (us people dubbed the "Lewises") havent been posting all too often. I recently rediscovered the ye' old photo shop that I forgot about around a month ago. While anyways, I made a little graphic which I thought I would share. It seems Tumblr worthy.... and kind of hipster-ish. Please be sure to request and comment about graphics and if you like them.

Well Here it is:

I was on tumblr and was like "I see this a lot. I shall make one of this".


Be sure to post it on every single social networking thing you have.

Sorry for not posting weekly comment lately. Here is a funny pic to make up for it. 

Yes, he may be at Starbucks but... TYPEWRITTER


I know a lot of people have been accused as 'hipster'. A lot of people may be hipsters but they may not, but being hipster is totally up to you, not what others think. Making sure you get your cup of coffee every morning does not mean you are hipster, it is a sign (which you can check out under my post the first signs)

Please keep in mind it is considered hurtful to call someone mainstream a hipster and vice versa.

Hey mickey your so fine, your so fine you blow my mind, hey mickey, totally works in this circumstance.
(Thank you Toni Basil)

This is a totally hipster look . As you see in the picture above, the hipster look normally consists of a cup of coffee, earbuds, a flannel shirt, a scarf, and iPod, Raybans, and a satchel.

It sometimes consists of a hat, a jacket, sneakers and jeans.

As you can see, the description completely matches the picture, just to prove to everyone mickey mouse has a pretty hipster look once he is not at his super epic clubhouse!


Lewis O.U.T.
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tumblr: lewisbaulfetti
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Hey! We want to thank our amazing polyvore creators that create the outfits we put up on this blog. they are zolu2 and dagnychase!

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Okay, so lately people have been using the word hipster very loosely. I think we need to clear up what the term hipster actually means. 

Hipsters are people who like to be original and not conform to societies rules. they don't like popular things as then they would be associated with conformists and mainstream items. If something becomes popular, I can guarantee they liked it before it was popular or mainstream. If you are upset about liking something, and then it becomes popular you could say that thinking that was 'hipster' of you.

Now that that is cleared up I would like to thank the active blog followers who like and comment and read our posts! Thank You for spending the time on our blog!
For all wishing to be hipster I have a new style update that will make you look like you are on of the hipsters. This summer/fall grunge is back in! I mean flannel shirts, beanies, large stud earrings, bulky jewellery, flat caps, converse, vans, combat boots! Even neck bandanas and office shirts are in! Just letting you know as you don't want to look stupid in front of the other hipsters.

Here are some reminders to remember for this summer/fall:

  • Grunge is a mix of pretty, comfortable, useful and punk. Try putting some of each category in each outfit. For example Doc Martins (punk) with denim overalls, a cute pink blouse with a bandana to shield from the sun (but placed on your neck or as an elastic, on the head is too farm girl).
  • Flannel is your BFF
  • Grunge is about comfort, so if it isn't comfy, ditch it.
  • Don't be shy to try new things.
Here it is!

For all you mainstream-ers waiting for a background here you go! This is an iPad  and iPad mini background!

Have fun!

Hello! Today We will be talking Bout finding out what your subcategory is within the general hipster topic! Music Hipster, or LumberJack Hipster? Find Out Below!

The Different Kinds (Read the Descriptions To Find Which You Relate To The Most)
  • The Music Hipster: You know everything about underground music, but who is Justin Beibleara. You will never know as you only listen to underground or unpopular music. Genres like dupstep, indie, alternative, electro, screamo and post-hardcore are popular amount this breed. They generally just wear band shirts, tee shirts, skinny jeans, studded items, combat boots, converse and vans. They also sometimes have tattoos and plugs (a type of ear piercing).
  • The Lumberjack: The

Hey! Here is the iPhone background for boys! It has a cool man under an umbrella graphic and is a nice blue color shceme so it is manly yet hipster.

Hey! I made a new iPhone background and here it is!
It is mainly for girls, but if you guys want a phone background just day so, even though I will make one soon!

Hey! Here is a new outfit for the summer outfit series for hipsters to become inspired (the prices are in Canadian dollars)
The Shirt: $14, Forever 21 Muscle Geek Cat Shirt (N/A for £)
The Shorts: $24, NEWLOOK.COM High Waisted Super Soft Light Blue Denim Dhorts (£15)
The Hat: $40, GREATLOOKZ.ZOOVY.COM, Tan Organza Hat ($40 US dollars)
The Shoes: $70, TOMS Chrochet Natural TOMS (£45)
The Ring: $480, Art Youth Society, Triangle 14 Carat White Gold Ring (€350)

Please Comment Ideas for new outfits or what you thought of the outfit!

Happy Summer Everyone! Summer is all about sun, relaxation and NEW COFFEE DEALS! Here are some new summer coffees that are being advertised!

Starbucks is full frappuccino heaven! You can even customize your own to be unique and original (and of course hipster)!
Tim Hortons:

Orange Tangerine Real Fruit Smoothie

Enjoy the adventurous new taste of our Orange Tangerine Real Fruit Smoothie. Made with a full serving of fruit and creamy low fat yogurt!
*At participating restaurants for a limited time.

***The above was directly from the Tim Horton's website!***

Second Cup:

Chiller Tuesdays are here! Visit any participating Second Cup® café on a Tuesday and enjoy any blended beverage at the chilled-out price of just $2.95* for a medium or $3.49* for a large. Try a dark or white Frrrozen Hot Chocolate® or Chillatte®, or may we suggest an Icepresso®? It’s a blend of our signature espresso and milk, lightly sweetened & chilled to perfection. Only available at Second Cup®, it’s the coolest offer around. Try adding a caramel shot (or any flavour) to really make it yours. Better hurry though. Chiller Tuesdays are only chilling on the blended beverages till June 23! *Offer valid until June 23rd, 2013 at participating Second Cup locations in Canada. Plus applicable taxes. Includes any medium blended beverage; Icepresso® & Chillatte® (with or without flavour), Frrrozen Hot Chocolate® (dark or white), Chai Chiller, Matcha Green Tea Chiller and Fruit Smoothies. No substitutions. While supplies last. Product selection may vary by location. Products may not be exactly as shown. ®/TM Trademark of The Second Cup Ltd.

***The above was directly from the Second Cups's website!***

Have a very coffee summer!

Green=Pro Hipster
Orange=Pro Mainstream

Stop Shopping at Starbucks!


It's too mainstream and small cafes are better!

We need mainstream places!


Other wise there would be no successful businesses.


Then there would be no rich people.

Rich people are bad!

No way! They are good.

NO! We should all be equal, unique and hipster.

Then hipster would be mainstream...


As you know, Lewis l (NotAHipster) made a super cool computer background... so naturally we are going to make a bunch! So here is one I (Lewis The Second) created for all you hipster out there. Don't worry, there will be non-hipster ones too!

Hey Hipsters!
I (NotAHipster) have been working on making different computer backgrounds and here we have our first one! It is just a simple background that states our blog name. Below I will have it in a smaller format, tell me if (because it has very high resolution) if it works or not!
Thank You!

Thank You to Everyone who has visited our blog! Places like Canada, The States, Jamaica, Germany, Mexico, The Netherlands and Russia have had people visit our blog!
Thank You!
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We will put tons of hipster related photos and non-hipster photos!

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Here is a screen shot of our profile!

      Be who you were meant to be, not always who you think you are!

      Okay lets face it, if everyone was different and anti-mainstream the world would b a pretty boring place. There would be no successful businesses AND you would not have anything in common with anyone.

      If something is in style, it's in style for a reason. What would happen if a really good movie came out but because it was 'in style' Ms. Hipster did not watch it. Well, she would be deprived of a magical, wonderful 1.5-3 hours of her life and memories that go along with it.
     'In style' or 'currently popular' is not a bad thing nut hipsters think it is. Try to look into popular things. You may like them, and don't avoid because it's cool. That's lame.

Here is this weeks comic of the week:
Made by the lovely artists at our blog.

Today I will be talking about the general hipster attitude, and how you can achieve this attitude.
The attitude is really just about being yourself completely and not really caring what others think about your personality, what you look like or your clothing.

Hipsters (stereotypically) are though to only think of Ray-Bans and coffee. It is an option to think about these things often, but you should try to think your interests and not what other people think you should be.

Attitude Overview:
- You are yourself, and only yourself.
- You don't care what others think about you.
- Looks aren't the most important thing.
- I don't care what others think of my interests, I like what I like.
- I want to be original, not be a conformist.
- I won't ever act stupid

Basically, it is all about being yourself and having a good time. Originality Rules!!!

-Art and the Rest By Lewis The Second

That wonderful bean you sip every morning and every night. That warm feeling you get when it touches the tip of your tongue. Coffee, the amazing delicacy.

Coffee is a huge role and dear friend to the life of a hipster.
Here are the 2 basic coffee guide lines:
1) Starbucks=mainstream, mainstream=bad, hence, Starbucks=bad. The coffee of a hipster is only found at small or unknown coffee places or cafes.
2) Be original. Make your order so long, your face turns blue by the time you're done saying it. Everyone drinks coffee so make your drink different.
WE posted a hipster summer outfit earlier, but here we have a non-hipster summer outfit.
This is a general outfit, and not every non-hipster must wear this, it is just an inspiration outfit.

Here it is:

Here we have the classic shortie-shorts in a trendy print, pink chuck-taylors, a neon pink bandeau, a white Abercrombie trendy crochet tank and a funny bracelet. All of these featured stores and items are very trendy, and hipsters hate trends. If you need inspiration or store ideas, look at this for ideas.
AS you may have noted, today I am sharing with you a typical hipster summer outfit so you can get some inspiration. But remember, being hipster is all about being yourself, so don't wear anything that doesn't suit your personality.

Here it is below:
You see, here we have high waisted shorts, DC shoes, a flat cap for a sports team and a funny graphic t-shirt based off an internet video.

I hope you like this outfit!

*Please comment if you liked it or not, and future outfit ideas.

There's not much to becoming a hipster, but it all starts in the brain. You need to obliterate every single thing that has influenced you, and become your true self. Hipster is all about being low key and your true self, not that kid with the fake personality. Simply don't care what others think.

There are 3 common hipster personalities (refereed to as breeds):

This breed of hipster is commonly found in coffee shops. Constantly on their iPhones designing and creating new trends. Their second habitat is none other than the runway. It's know to house many hipsters of this breed.

Not all hipsters are found roaming the streets and eating at cafes. Some hipsters are found on the internet. They could be youtubers, social media goers, or graphic designers.
This breed is usually found on their computers or other electronic devises, typically sitting at the cafes that have wifi.

Eco hipsters enjoy electric cars, solar panels and earth day!

If you have spotted any other rare hipster breed please comment it below the name and information.

Here are some breeds you have suggested:

Music Hippie:

This breed is always discovering new artists and bands that no mainstream person has ever heard of. This breed has normally over 500 songs on there iPods. They never leave there habitat without an electronic device they could use to listen to music. 
As you wandered the corridors of the internet, I see you stumbled upon our blog. Here you will find out  hipster and no so hipster information and how to be the really person you are (hipster vs mainstream). Though I am not a hipster, I know many of them and I just so happen to be an expert in that territory. Before you wander around our blog, you need to know what crowd you fit into!
Here is a test to determine how hipster you are. Remember to comment your score at the bottom!

1) Did it take you longer than 10 days to memorize your coffee order? YES/NO.

2) Have you ever shopped at Abercrombie and Fitch? YES/NO

3) Have you said, 'pedestrian' in the last one or 2 days? YES/NO

4) Do you enjoy pop culture? (popular culture) YES/NO

5) Do you believe 'you are who you are'? YES/NO

6) Have you ever changed because something went into style and you liked it? YES/NO

7) Do you hate trends/having to be a certain way? YES/NO

9) Have you eaten McDonalds in the last month? YES/NO

8) Do you spend more than 2 hours at small unknown cafes? YES/NO

10) Do you think you are a hipster? YES/NO


For every Purple Question, every yes=1 point and every no=5 points.

For every Yellow Question, every yes=5 points and every no=1 point

If you score...

30+ You have full hipster-itis

20-29 You are a wanna be OR neutral

20-0 You are mainstream

Remember, if you got a score you don't like, check out the articles on how to become what you want to be and  study up!
This may seem strange, but that lovely beverage you sip every morning takes a big part in being Hipster or not. I am sure you are aware of the annoying customer at your local coffee shop who orders the "Extra Foam, Double Shot, Soy Cappuccino". Well, you don't want to be that guy, that guy is a beverage Hipster.

Now onto what you SHOULD order. Maybe just go for a plain coffee with a flavour syrup, or just jazz up a plain coffee (with milk or not)at the toppings table. I think it safe to say that you should stay simple when it comes to coffee, and not be 'that guy'.

See You Next Time!
WE are a new blog on blogger and we are going to help you live out your hipster, or not so hipster dreams.
WE will try to post once or twice weekly!
Please subscribe to the RSS feed in the beginning so you don't miss anything!
Thank You!